photo 1
Taken about halfway up the lighthouse path

“22 more days!”

It seems I’ve earned a reputation as ‘that girl who’s doing the hot season countdown’. I thought everyone did it, to be honest! But people have brought it up enough times in the past week for me to realize not all are quite as (fill in the blank with a nice adjective for someone who is overly-organized) as I am in this regard.

photo 1
The African Renaissance Monument from the top of the lighthouse

On the bright-as-Senegal-sun side, we’ve just recently discovered a very enjoyable hot season activity.

Can you believe this is in Dakar?
Can you believe this is in Dakar?

This morning I met up with some new friends to run/walk the Phare des Mamelles lighthouse, which according to Senegalese geography textbooks is one of the two ‘mountains’ of Dakar. I arrived before Stina and Annie, my Swedish running mates, so did a little warm-up on my own.

They were nice and went easy on me... but not too easy!
They were nice and went easy on me… but not too easy!

It was gorgeous.
It was so quiet.
It was peaceful.
It was so green.
It was so un-Dakar.

So calm.
So calm.
photo 2
Taken on the first lap… but I was still smiling at the end!