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Cool season is coming! See, we don’t even have the fan on.

A few nights ago we saw our first Christmas commercial while watching a US tv show online. I rolled my eyes. Then on Facebook I saw that one of my friends had put up her Christmas tree. I snorted.

Then I realized today was a holiday (Tamxarit, Muslim New Year) so we’d all be home with no big plans. Can you see where this is going?

If you guessed that we spent the day unpacking the ol’ artificial tree and splashing away at our favorite pool spot, you’d be correct. Nothing like a little coconut-oil-scented sunscreen to get you in that Christmas spirit!

Roll your eyes and snort if you’d like, but I think we’re going to need this extended holiday season to help get a few things straight. When we were unpacking my nativity scene from Mali, Pape pulled out all the pieces and went through calling out what they were: “Camel, sheep, Jesus, baby Jesus, cow, ‘nother camel, big Jesus, ‘nother Jesus, sheep, Jesus, ‘nother Jesus…”

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