“Wow. That is cow grazing in the median is really fat.”

“This ceebu jen just doesn’t have enough oil.”

“Is the weather ever going to heat up?”

“I have too much wax print fabric.”

“That Sagam security guard’s tie is way too long.”

“It was a nice taxi ride, but the car’s interior decorations were a bit understated for my taste.”

“Mangoes again? Ugh.”

“I stopped going to the spa after discovering bucket baths.”

“I bet that little baby is cold. Can someone find a fleece blanket and winter hat for him?”

“The hardest part of running in Dakar is all these hills. I mean, have you seen the Mamelles?”

“There are too many Thanksgiving turkeys to choose from at the supermarket.”

“I’m going to Sandaga market to relax.”

“Did you hear that gas is down to $6/gallon?”

“The first time I put on a big headwrap, it just felt so… Well, so natural and beautiful.”

“Dinner by candle light. How special!”

“The mosque loudspeaker isn’t loud enough in our bedroom.”

“Look at how smoothly that horsecart navigates through traffic.”

“I think Yankee Candle should make a scent inspired by Soumbedioune fish market.”

“Did I miss the exit to the mall?”

“The sunsets in Dakar are mediocre.”

Yesterday evening
Yesterday evening

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