Lanes are just suggestions.
Lanes are just suggestions.

Fellow Dakarois,

Change begins with each of us. And it needs to start on the Ancienne Piste strip of chaos, or maybe that section of the airport road where old men hobble across the street in front of oncoming traffic and then attempt to leap up on the cement median wall. Or you know what, let’s just start with horse cart drivers and taxis.

Effective today, December 3rd, I authorize you to make a a citizen’s arrest in any and all cases of horrible driving in Dakar. This would include, but is of course not limited to:

  • failure to even acknowledge that there is a lane (aka, the African drift)
  • lack of brakes
  • use of turning indicators as decoration
  • use of turning indicators to communicate ‘it’s safe to pass me on this side’
  • horse carts. Period.
  • windshield visibility reduced beyond 50% due to cracks that were obviously made by someone’s head
  • running walking casually into oncoming traffic
  • not giving the ‘thank-you thumbs up’ when someone lets you in
  • failure to look at all before pulling out in the road
  • letting your cows and sheep wander down our fine streets
  • being a jerk at roundabouts
  • spewing a cloud of black exhaust that limits visibility of other drivers

Get out there and let’s do this, people. (But if you pull over my husband, be nice and just give him a warning, okay?)