We’re visiting my parents for Christmas and my mom mentioned that they recently attended a conference where they were asked to give TED-style talks and that my Dad, Glenn Borders, spoke on 15 life lessons he’s learned. I loved it and asked if I could share his notes from the talk.

Glenn overlooking village

Some say that experience is the best teacher. I have since heard it said that experience is the only teacher. The question is will you learn from another’s experiences, or do you insist on learning the hard way? I would like to share with you some lessons that I have learned through observation and my own experience that might help you out.

• Always carry a handkerchief and a pocket knife.

• Read the recipe three times before you start to cook.

• Pull the tree toward you until it is falling; then run to get out of the way.

• Growing old is not for wimps.

• Never hesitate to offer an encouraging word to a child.

• It always takes longer than it takes.

• Nothing else matters when your grandchild calls your name.

• I am supposed to be the Employee of the Month every month.

• Always tell the truth; you have less to remember that way.

• Why would a husband not want to do that for his wife?

• You cannot put off Sunday morning. (This one comes from years of preparing sermons for Sunday mornings and learning not to procrastinate until Saturday!)

• There is no work that I am too good to do.

• Whenever you say ‘yes’ to some new task or activity, you are going to have to say ‘no’ to something that you have been doing.

• “If I don’t do it, then who will?” is not necessarily God’s leading you to do it.

• Protective eyewear, ear coverings, helmets, etc. are not always signs of weakness.

Any lessons you want to share that you’ve learned from your experiences?