It had to happen sometime, right? To be honest, I am amazed and impressed that it took this long! Today we had our first power cut of the year. Do you realize that’s almost a full month in to 2015? Craziness.

Unfortunately, I seem to have gotten rusty while living this luxurious, power-filled life. So when all went kaflllppthhht and the lovely little flickering lights on my appliances went dark, I was left standing in the kitchen with unblended smoothies, unheated baby food, unbrewed coffee, unrefrigerated delivery from Shady Shack and unblow-dried hair. (That last one is a hot-season luxury I would never dream of doing the rest of the year.)

For a second, I thought, “Craaaap.” But then I laughed. How awesome it is that I was able to get out of the habit of being prepared for power cuts?! I’ll take it, Senegal. Please continue to dazzle me for the rest of 2015.