My husband likes this Senegalese dish called lakh. It’s basically millet porridge with soured milk yogurt topped with fruit and coconut. I like it occasionally, but he could eat vats of it. We haven’t had it in a while so I decided to be all wifely and make him some.

But it requires fresh coconut, which I know approximately zilcho about buying.


Fortunately my friend and I came across a guy selling coconuts this morning. In general fruit and veggie vendors are great at helping you pick out good quality, but I debated how to approach buying some since I had NOT A CLUE as to how much they should cost. I mean really, is there any better way to open yourself up to getting ripped off than just wandering over wide-eyed and asking how much? So I decided to try something.

I grabbed a 1000cfa bill (about $2) from my wallet and walked over. I greeted the vendor and asked how his day was going, then said, “Jaayma cocos ngir mille francs, s’il te plait.” Basically ‘please sell me 1000cfa worth of coconuts’. I had no idea if this would mean walking away with one coconut or 20.

Turns out the answer is three!


Please note that this system does not work for everything, say the sheep-skin rugs over by Hypermarché for example. 😉