Recently Apple released iOS 8.3 which included a pile of new emojis, which have been met with some criticism. My personal complaint is that there are still not enough accurate ways for me to express my Senegalerrific experiences.

I would like to request that the following emojis be included in the next Apple update.

Horse cart
Car raapide
Two car raapides that have run into each other
Rearview mirror covered in fur with dangling prayer beads
Motorcyclist without a helmet
Banged up taxi
Aerial image of a roundabout with traffic backed up

Thieboudienne common bowl
Chawarma with fries and egg
Vendor with limes in basket
Coconuts piled in a pushcart
Bissap baggie
Nescafé cart
Little tan-colored Solo cup
Kirene bottle

Scrawny chicken
Super scrawny cow
Sheep (tail down)
Goat (tail up)

Dust cloud
Finger writing in dust
Broom with pail full of dust

Wax print fabric
Wax print fabric emitting hearts
Police trucks with riot gear
CFA bills
Amadou Bamba
Orange promo sign
No water
No electricity

In the meantime, while waiting for Apple to add these to their collection, may I suggest we just make do using the following?





🍈 (That can be a mango, right?)



These already cover an awful lot of communications in these parts.