Bégué Coco: An African Coconut Social Enterprise

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So here’s my coconut-shell version of the story: About a year ago I came across a stand selling coconut-based products at a local organic market. I ordered some dried coconut pieces for the kids, coconut frozen yogurt for myself and (again for myself) a bottle of coconut oil. I’d never tried it before, but unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard how great it is for you and 127 ways to use it.


We were hooked right away – the whole family. I put coconut oil on the kids’ hair as a conditioner, I used it on my face as a moisturizer, we all used it on hands and cuticles… Basically the bottle was bouncing around from room to room and so of course, it inevitably got dropped one day and met its fate with the tile floors. We were so hooked on it though that I tracked down the nearest Bégué Coco sale point (roadside bio market in Almadies!) and went the very next day to buy more.

While I was there, they asked if I would participate in a video project they were working on and give my thoughts on their products. I found out later that they were developing a fundraising campaign and this video would be used to helped get the word out. Here’s the full video below…

Bégué Coco​ is fundraising to scale up production and become self-sufficient. They have a fantastic fundraising page with lots of good info here, but before you click, let me give my 2cfa that this is an excellent initiative producing high quality items that meet a market need and benefit the community and environment. Win, win, coconutty win!