More ideas welcome! If you’re just looking for a quick and easy solution, skip to the end…

  • Plastic water bottles with lids
    These have a good resale value in markets so your house-helper may want them. If not, ask vendors on your street. Someone will want them!
  • Or you can refill them with clean water and give them to talibé boys.


Magazines and newspapers

  • Give fashion magazines to tailors to use with their clients choosing styles.
  • Newspapers and magazines can be given to peanut vendors who fold and wrap the pages as packaging.
  • You can also give magazines to schools or community centers for craft projects. (But first tear out pages that may have objectionable content for little eyes.)


  • Sheep dinner! Follow the ‘baaaa!’ and offer the shepherd your boxes and such. They tear it up and mix it in with sheep food.


Glass bottles with screw on caps

  • Offer these to your house-helper or give them to your nearest peanut vendor. You may be able to exchange your empty booze bottles for some free nuts. 😉

Glass jars with lids

  • Mayo jars, pickle jars, any jars… These are reused easily so have a good resale value in markets, which means lots of people will want them! But start by offering them to your house-helper. #perksofthejob


Fruit and vegetables scraps

  • Adopt a sheep! Make friends with a neighborhood ram by giving him your raw scraps and peelings. Just be sure to check with the owners first in case their sheep is on a special diet. (Don’t laugh – it’s a real thing around Tabaski time.)
  • If you have a yard, you can also start a simple compost area.

The SIMPLE SOLUTION for all your other plastic, cans, bottles, etc…

Start using a two-trash-bag system in your house:

Bag #1 gets all your real garbage.

Bag #2 gets things that are reusable and/or salvageable. When you take out the trash, leave Bag #2 beside the trash bin so it can be easily found by those who come looking through garbage for items to recycle.