Did you hear that sound this morning at about 8am? It was a cross between a joyful exclamation and a groan as parents around Dakar realized that the two-week fall break begins today. That’s right. If your kids are in French schools, you just won 16 days of having them home with you! Along that choo-choo train of thought, here are some ideas for getting out and about with your little one(s) in Dakar.


  1. Share a crêpe at Noflaye beach.
  2. Take the pirogue over to Ngor Island. Stay for a Coke and a walk around, or spend the whole day splashing around and eating brochettes de whatever et frites.
  3. Rent a horse cart for a ride around the neighborhood.
  4. Go to Yum-Yum for donuts. And remember that donuts are not just a breakfast thing. 🙂
  5. Walk to the top of Mamelles lighthouse.
  6. Go to the buutik and buy bread & spread to give to talibé boys in your neighborhood.
  7. Take a djembé lesson together with Djiby.
  8. Find the smoothest section of street in your neighborhood. Enlist some help watching out for cars and spend some time helping your little one reach their next goal in wheeled riding, maybe how to turn better on their scooter, bike-riding without training wheels or how to rollerblade.
  9. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream at Mami Mia’s, soft serve at Carimoux or fro-yo at Yogurtlandia.
  10. Get matching henna tattoos with Bathie  / buy matching Senegal soccer jerseys at Marché Sandaga.
  11. Take surf lessons together.
  12. Get out of town: day-trip to Bandia in the early morning to see the animals + climb some trees (and more) at Accrobaobab.
  13. Make a ‘Break Bag’ together for one of your child’s friends. Fill a bag with toys, books, puzzles (they don’t have to be new) and add some craft supplies or other treats. Send the bag to the friend so they can enjoy some new-to-them items… and give their parents a break from the break. 😉 You can deliver the Break Bag yourself or have Sen Express do it for 3000cfa.
  14. Get thee to Sunugal Beach in Ngor. Bring sand toys, a little cash for the resto/snack bar and enjoy the little tide pool or the bigger waves.
  15. Take your child + 5000cfa to the quincaillerie (hardware store). Buy a selection of ‘parts’ and mechanisms. Hours of fun for little fingers afterwards.
  16. Fly a kite along the Corniche near the mosquée de la Divinité. The fall winds are here!