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The absolute worst day on the month for traffic is the first Monday. Everyone coming back into Dakar after the weekend at their home village + individuals who own cars just got paid so have money to buy fuel and drive themselves to work.
Learned from my taxi driver

Homemade Greek yogurt only requires three ingredients (starter, water, milk powder) and is going to save me a bundle.
Learned from my househelper, and with the help of a cheesecloth

There was an increase of violent robberies in our area last year. Machetes were the weapon of choice.
Learned from a US Embassy security update

In English my hair is ‘chestnut brown’. in French it is ‘barre de chocolat’.
Learned from my hairdresser

Doctors practicing without a license is a serious problem in Dakar.
Also learned from my hairdresser

The reason Senegalese women don’t use lids on pots when they cook is because boil-over incidents would put out the wood fires they cooked on growing up.
Learned from our househelper

The new café at the top of the Mamelles Lighthouse is scheduled to open today!
Learned from my friend Jane

If I get pulled over by police, I should speak my fanciest French and not a word of Wolof. This will intimidate them and they will let me go faster.
Learned from my taxi driver, although I’m doubting this theory and hope to never test it.

The fill dirt being used to build up the edge of the cliff over the Mosquée de la Divinité will be the foundation of a hotel. (Note to self: do no go to that hotel.)
Learned from my friend Deb