Basse & Khaiba in the wedding tent

1. There is no such thing as being overdressed or overly made up – for the women at least. Got sparkles and jewels and spike heels and a massive head wrap? Wear ’em. And walk slowly enough that everyone can appreciate your ensemble.

With Khaiba before the ceremony

2. When the guy with the camcorder and bright spotlight comes by, you are not to look into the camera or smile. Just stare straight ahead. Maybe check your phone or fix your earring.

The bridal party

3. It will start several hours later than announced. And last much longer than you think. Come ready to sit, come ready to party!

The guys just chatting away

4. There will be music and it will be loud. I SAID IT WOULD BE LOUD!

Here she comes! They met in the middle of the aisle with a KISS! I was shocked. But was later told this is young folks in Dakar in 2016 and I should have expected it. 🙂

5. Don’t give the bride and groom glasses or plates as a wedding gift. Everyone gives glasses or plates. Other good ideas include kitchenware (sturdy knives, grill utensils, kebab skewers, grater…) and bed or bath linens in rich colors.

Our wedding wear, which turned out to be on the very understated side.

Bonus observation: the most romantic (sounding) song in Wolof is Biriham’s Kima Doon Seet remix. And it’s 89 cents on Amazon. You’re welcome.

Basse & Khaiba, we wish you all the best and many wonderful years together!