1. I will not be ruled by fear, but will be vigilant. We will continue to go out for romantic dinners and fun family outings and boring grocery store runs… We will live our lives, paying close attention to updates and alerts issued by credible sources (ahem, not Seneweb) and using the common sense that God gave us.

2. I will cooperative, patient and appreciative when security procedures and searches slow me down. 

3. I will provide an education for girls in Senegal in every way that I can. This article by Nicholas Kristoff was the catalyst for us to pay school fees for girls at risk or in vulnerable situations.

4. I will not spread misinformation. When I hear or read something – particularly if it makes me fearful – I will first confirm the source as credible and then verify that they actually issued the information before passing it on. (For example, all security updates from the French Embassy in Dakar are available on their website.)

5. I will remember the One who made me, who knows me and will never leave me. And I will love and serve Him freely in this country that is our adopted home, where all faiths are allowed to be lived out.