– You find him ‘playing Embassy’ with a stack of papers and office supplies.

– He knows to wait for the sugary round of attaya (tea) since he’s only allowed to have one glass.

– He gets soooo excited to ride in an elevator because he didn’t know they existed outside of America.

– For his birthday he wants to take his friends for a ride on a horsecart.

– When offered a choice of bath or shower, he insists he doesn’t want either but instead requests a bucket bath.

– He says ‘Atchal!’ instead of ‘Shoo!’ to chase away animals.

– He greets the talibé boys (street kids) and gives them high fives. When he was younger, they would give him piggy back rides.

– He practices writing his letters in the dust on the dining room table.

– When you ask him where he’s from, he says, “Senegal.”