Last summer in the US we took the kids to an indoor trampoline park. This was totally and completely not like that experience, but awesome in its own Dakarific ways.

Parc Kay Bonde (‘come jump’) is located on the Corniche ocean road heading into downtown Dakar just across from the grocery store known as Le Parcours officially, Chez Hoballah more commonly or The French Fry store if you have lived here a ling time. (Check!) Just park across from the grocery store and walk up the sidewalk – ooh la la! – to the trampolines by the shore.

For 800cfa (just under $2), each child or kid-at-heart can jump for 15 minutes on weekdays or 10 minutes on weekends. The rules are 1) take off your shoes first, 2) only one person per trampoline, so max eight people at a time. For big groups and parties, there’s also an hourly payment option, but my knees wore out before I felt motivated to find out more details.

Tip: Wear socks. The trampoline mesh is a little rough on the soles of your feet after a while.

Bonus tip: The busiest times are evenings, but our whole group was able to jump no problem when we arrived mid-afternoon.