Often people assume I’m adventurous because of the life we live. I am not. I’m a planner. I’m a ‘plan A, B and let’s not forget C’ kind of person. So organizing day trips can be really overwhelming for me with all the snacks and diapers and sunblock and phone credit, and, and, and…

But last Monday, something magical happened. Our adventure to take my brother’s family (and our cumulative four kids) to Bandia Game Reserve was blissfully unadventurous. It was perfect.

After Bandia Game Reserve we did a visit to Lac Rose and had lunch at Le Trarza. Highly recommend this. You’re already out that way, so why not? A three-course simple lunch was about 5000cfa ($10)/person including salad, good yassa poulet and fruit salad for dessert + pool access. Plus it turns a morning day-trip into a full day adventure!

Le Trarza is a super cute spot with great views and very fast service, thanks in large part to Assane. Our friend Pape Dièye is a (wonderful) tour guide and he called Assane to let him know we’d be coming. #redcarpet

Pape also connected us with Moussa Sy and his 14-passenger minibus. (77 656 41 59) Moussa was right on time to pick us up, drove smoothly and safely, was very professional and patient. He gave us advice based on his many years of experience as a chauffeur and guide, but was happy to let us decide what we wanted and roll (haha) with it. His price for a full day trip doing Dakar – Bandia – Dakar is 50,000cfa with all fees included and throwing in the detour to Lac Rose added just 20,000cfa.

We wrapped up the day with coffee by the pool as the kids played. My kind of adventure.