Wax-print bunting
Hanging this up instantly upgrades any get-together to a party. Minitecture makes it in many different prints and color themes. Keep a few on hand and you can set the tone of the party easily.

Zena drink mixes
I picked up a few bottles of their ‘sirops‘ at the last Lou Bess? Farmers Market and they immediately became a staple around here. I love the ginger and tamarind syrups (alone or mixed together), but will be trying more of their ready-to-pour flavors soon since there’s another farmers market this Saturday! Just add water and voila! It’s even easier to make than Kool-Aid and tastes way better… with Dakar flair.

Contact info for Simone Café, Melo Patisserie or Pause Douceur.
These lovely ladies and their bakery & cakery skills will have you covered, whether it’s a last-minute coffee party with a few friends or a big she-bang for your whole crew. Simone also offers a catering menu and the most adorable, perfect baby shower goodies.

Ice & bucket
This may be super obvious to those who frequent gas stations regularly, but since I just started driving myself around Dakar and actually going to Elton stations and such, I didn’t know that you can buy ice cubes in big ol’ bags there. Now noted. You know, in case I throw (together) a party. And those big plastic tubs used for laundry work great for chilling drinks that are easy to grab.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.10.56 PM

Photo booth
Hit the fëgg jay market for the accessories and Rafet Décor for the frame – made from up-cycled pirogue wood for a Sénégal touch.

Oh Dakar, sometimes you truly amaze me. Yep. You can complete your fiesta with a hand-crafted piñata. You can fill it with candy from the American Food Store, and while you’re there…

Disposable tableware
The American Food Store in Almadies has Solo cups, paper plates, plasticware… and don’t forget the garbage bags!