1. You shall have no other name but the Senegalese one given to you. (Don’t have on yet? Just ask. But be prepared for it to stick!)

2. You shall not make or do anything with your left hand.

3. You shall not take good water pressure or steady electricity for granted.

4. Remember the Friday afternoon prayers and don’t plan on getting any business accomplished during that time. #weekendstartsearly

5. Honor your elders. It’s more important in Senegalese culture than I ever imagined.

6. You shall not show leg above the knee.

7. You shall not comment on how cute a baby is lest it attract attention from evil spirits.

8. You shall not steal from your neighbor’s side of the rice bowl.

9. You shall not lie and tell beggars that you don’t have any money. It’s more polite to say, “Baal ma, beneen yoon.” (Forgive me, next time.)

10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s horse cart, water reservoir or generator.