Summer spots

1. You may watch either one hour of TV a day… or two hours if the show/movie is in French. Eh oui !

2. Spending money can be earned. See the list of jobs and pay rates posted on the fridge. (Follow-up rule: You may buy as many lollipops from the buutik as you want with your money, but may eat only one a day.)

Summer Camp crafts. I am loved by a 4yo boy.

3. I will take you to Summer Camp in the morning and somewhere to play with other kids a couple afternoons a week. When you are at home, create your own fun.

Smoothie du jour

4. Afternoon snack is either a smoothie or popsicles made from puréed vegetables (spinach, butternut squash, beets…) and frozen fruit. Then I don’t have to worry about whether or not you eat your veggies at dinner.

5. Bathing before bed is not optional. But you can choose from a bath, shower or bucket bath.

6. Bedtime is the same as during the school year (7:30pm) but if you have a good attitude, you can stay up to color quietly for 15 minutes.

Rice trays

7. I will leave out some kind of craft or game for you to do first thing in the morning. Do not wake me up before 7am.