1. Take your Senegal residency ID or passport and cash to the nearest buutik or shop boasting a green and white Wari sign.

2. Greet people in the room with a general, “Salam malecum.”

3. Take note of who else is in (insert air quotes) line and where your place should me. Maintain said place as best possible, using elbows gently and avoiding eye contact.

4. When it’s your turn, you will be ask for your ID number, last name (nom) and first name (prénom). Then the recipient’s name, cell phone number and the amount of money you want to send.

5. Wait. And then realize that the weekend leading up to a major holiday was NOT the right time to try to send money since the network is saturated with transactions. #liveandlearn

6. Finally, success! Pay the amount of money transferred plus the fee. Tip: There’s promotion for 50% off the fee today. #brightside

7. Take your printed receipt as proof of the transaction. The recipient will receive an SMS alerting them that the funds are ready for them to withdraw.

You can also receive money, pay bills, buy phone credit and more with Wari. Their website is pretty comprehensive and easy to navigate if you want more info.