“Oh, it gets that hot here too.”
Yes, it probably does. Dakar’s highs are generally only in the upper 90s. But factor in the humidity and you’re looking at a RealFeel of well over 100 degrees every day. For three months or more. And very, very few places with AC. But plenty of places with power and water cuts.

But yes, it probably does get to the upper 90s where you live too.

“I wish I could go to the beach every day.”
It’s true. We have a gorgeous ocean view. (Possibly the best kind of view even because being 500m from the coast means we don’t see the trash or smell the fish.) But unless you just lo-o-ove sweating, going to the beach is actually more of a cool weather activity around here.

“You look hot.”
Unless this is the double T version and said by my husband… there is no need to state the obvious. We all look hot.

“It’ll cool down soon.”
No ma’am, it won’t. As temperatures in the US and Europe start to fall (pardon the pun) ours are just warming up (bada-boom!).

“Pumpkin Spice Latte.”
Just don’t. It’s bordering on cruel. And while you’re at it, avoid mentioning dressing in layers, any recipes that require baking, accessorizing with a scarf and the word ‘crisp’.

Inspiration for this post brought to you by a power cut and feverish kiddos. My mood should improve as soon once I open the freezer for some popsicles and turn on the water pump for a shower.