img_0176Fall break starts in 62 minutes. I really shouldn’t be blogging, but instead sipping my last quiet coffee or at least folding some laundry. But I figured that out of solidarity with other PFBs (Parents Facing a Break) these next two weeks, I should share some valuable info I learned courtesy of a recent birthday party. #hbdIris

Dakar has a skate park. (Who knew? Okay apparently a lot of people – but I’d never been.) And it’s actually pretty great. Lots of space, ramps of various kinds and even rollerblading attendants who are there to help maintain order and help kids learn new skills. And since inquiring minds probably want to know, yes, there are bathrooms and a little snack shop. As well as plenty of loud music that you may or may not normally let your kid listen to… 😉

At 3000cfa per child, it is wonderful city activity that gets them moving while you get to sit in the shade. BYO bikes, scooters, etc… or rent them on-site at Roule & Glisse, located on the Corniche headed into Plateau at the ends of rue 9 / rue 11. (Tel: 77 825 65 22)

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