Idy Camara, photo by Bruno Col

I’m not talking about Fight Club. I’m writing about Idy Camara and his various ‘fighting lessons’ that he offers in Dakar.

Idy is a heavy-weight kickboxer from the Mermoz club ‘Police’ who trains and coaches kickboxing and boxing and teaches self-defense classes to individuals and small groups. And just in case you think you’re in shape because you run, I can assure you that the boxing is an intense cardio workout! #somuchsweat But it can be fun for the whole family! 😉

You don’t have to make time in your schedule to fight traffic to get to a gym because he’ll come to your home or office and just needs a small open space, like a few parking spaces or a terrace. Sessions are either 30 minutes (8000-10,000cfa) or an hour (up to 15,000cfa) depending on the kind of workout you’re after. I would probably pass out if I tried the 15,000cfa option, but it would be fun up until I did!

For something a little different, you can arrange to meet at a local beach to do your session by the ocean. (Additional transportation fee may apply depending on the distance to the location.) Or couples can sign up to do their sessions together and really work through some of their problems. Ha! Seriously though, Idy’s sessions are ideal for a small group of friends wanting to learn self-defense or someone wanting a good workout without the hassle of getting to a gym in Dakar.

Idy teaches the classes in French, but speaks enough English to tell you, “No ‘I’m sorry’ in boxing,” or “Harder!”

For those interested in Fight Club with Idy (which I am definitely not talking about), a first trial lesson is only 5000cfa and he will bring gloves, pads or any other equipment needed. After that, if you choose to start regular lessons he can either advise you on what to buy or buy it for you locally.

Idy Camara
Tel: 77 618 3796


PS. My husband is not on social media (I know, crazy.) but if he were, I think this should be his profile pic…