– Chocolate-filled Biskrem cookies from the buutik

Huile de Baobab Bio for skin, nails and hair. Amazing stuff. Available at most pharmacies and Christmas markets.

– Roasted cashews or sugared peanuts

– Knock-off cologne/perfume. (I know. The guy you buy from sells only real stuff. But look hard and you’ll find someone selling the fakes.)

– Vermox. January 1st and July 4th are de-worming days!

– Beaded necklace from marché Sandaga or the artisan market at Soumbedioune

– Dried mango or dried coconut snacks

– 1 meter of a crazy wax print or pagne tissé fabric for making something unique

– Orange phone credit card

– Moringa powder to kick-start a healthy 2017!

– Woven drink coasters from the basket-makers

– Clementine (obviously)

– 1500cfa sunglasses from a street vendor

– Small jar of sauce piment 🌶 

Toy car rapide. (Makes a cute paperweight or Christmas ornament too!)

Need a stocking to stuff? Fatou Jobe makes the prettiest ones in town! And a great prices too. imadi.dakar@gmail.com or 773437769.