I’m not what you’d call ‘sporty’ or ‘athletic’. Some people mistakenly think I am because I’m a runner, but they don’t realize how often I fall. As far as competitive sports or anything too crazy-adventurous, I’m perfectly happy to sit and observe. Really. (So I was not exactly crushed to find out the Jungle Run was cancelled for this year. Shucks.)


However, I have found my perfect outdoorsy water sporty thing: stand-up paddle boarding. SUP.

It requires some balance, but really not much in the way skill or coordination. And the views are amazing! Fortunately in Dakar, we can go all year long. Even this week in the heart of “winter”, on a sunny day it was totally fine. You get a little wet getting on (and of course, if you get knocked off) but you dry off and warm up quickly once you’re on board.


Oumar’s  Surfers Paradise on the Petite Corniche des Almadies is one of the places you can book a paddleboarding excursion. For 10,000cfa/person (minimum 3 people), you can spend an hour or two on the water with instructors to guide you and provide all the equipment you need. If the water in Almadies is too rough, they’ll drive you over to Ngor for smoother sailing paddling.


Surfers Paradise does have Facebook page, but I’d suggest contacting Oumar or Adama directly. They also do surf classes, have a full restaurant, a saltwater pool, a RipCurl shop (big sale right now!). Worth checking it all out.

Oumar: 77 658 6926

Adama: 77 437 5443


What to wear: bathing suit, swim shirt/rash guard, shorts or leggings to protect your knees if you’re a beginner (’cause you may paddle around seated on your knees a bit at first). Sunblock.

What to bring: 10,000cfa, sunglasses or hat, a relaxed attitude. These guys are professionals, but operate on Senegal time.

What about keys, phones, etc? You can either lock valuables in your car or in a room at the Surfers Paradise.