This morning while working on some branding and new product development, I narrowed down what makes me passionate about these kinds of projects.

1. Sources materials locally – and preferably from someone’s garbage bin.

2. Provides sustainable income for artisans.

3. Creates an end product that I would use for myself or my family.


Nothing earth-shattering or shocking. But sometimes reminding myself of the basics and my boundaries is a good idea.

Stay tuned. New business launch coming soon… But in the meantime, let me tell you about the pre-launch fundraising.

40 Days for Widows started out when my friend Danielle and I wanted to observe Lent in a different way this year. Giving rather than abstaining. She had an idea to raise a couple hundred dollars (if we could!) to help get the ball rolling on a new business that would help widows support their children. The idea was basically an online yard sale, but the idea grew. And grew. And exploded – in a good way!

There are now nearly 400 people in the Facebook group now and every day they are posting items for sale and buying treasures posted by others. And all the funds go to help launch this project and meet immediate health needs and pay overdue school fees.

One of the most amazing parts has been the outpouring of support from local businesses who have donated items for us to sell or auction off. Very big HUGE thank you to:

Ibrahim Sheriff Mfopa African Art
Evgenia Dolina Photography
Chez Fatou
Simone Café
Abracadabra Magic Food
My African Heart Jewelry
Touche Magic
Cibus Italia
Smartbook Senegal
Taaru Askan Farm
Africa Gourmet
La Boucherie Nouvelle
Shady Shack
Melo Patisserie

Stay tuned for the new business launch… and go shop La Boucherie Nouvelle! 🙂