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Putting shea butter on your skin right before going to a sandy beach.

Thinking you can handle the heat of the whole piment popped in your mouth.

Thinking you can handle attaya poured straight out of the barada without cooling it off by slurping it through your teeth as you drink it.

Wearing white.

Running with noise canceling headphones on the Corniche. (Seriously people.)

Letting yourself run out of matches. Or coffee.

Drinking any alcohol produced in Rufisque. (For the record, this was learned secondhand.)

On the other end of the spectrum (😂), drinking bissap that has been stored in a brake fluid bottle. #beenthere #donethat

Getting the wetsuit on before asking the child if they need to pee.

Sideways leaning taxis. ‘Cause you know there’s no seatbelt in that thing to keep you from sliiiiding over…

Wondering where puddles come from… when it’s not rainy season.

Any variation of this, said to an vendor at HLM: “I’ve never bought this kind of fabric before. What does it cost?”

Pink toilet paper. It’s just wrong. And bad.

Getting rid of those reserve buckets because ‘the water has gotten so much better!’ #famouslastwords #keurmomarsarrstrikesagain