I post in the Gazelle Skirt Facebook group asking where to buy bathing suits in Dakar.

My friend Mirna replied that there’s a guy who will come to your house with a big bag of new bathing suits, all for the same price. She gives me his phone number.

I call Ousmane on my way home from picking up the kids at school and arrange for him to be at my house in an hour. Also post on Facebook that others are welcome to come shop.

Other show up to shop.

Several phone calls and directions given in two languages later, Ousmane arrives with a GIANT duffel bag crammed full of one-pieces, bikinis, monokinis, tops, bottoms, ruffles, one-shoulders, stripes, florals, cut-outs, neons… They overflow like lava onto the tile and we dive in.

We emerge victorious. Each of us found three or more. Bathing suits are 10,000 CFA ($20) each and tops or bottom at 5000 CFA ($10). Everyone goes home happy. Particularly, I think, Ousmane.

Bathing suit vendor, also sells workout clothes.
Tel: 77 700 5488
Instagram: @ousmane5876