It has been SO hot recently. I went to bed in a sweatshirt one night and woke up in the middle of the Sahel Desert right in my bedroom.  So hot. The good news is that it’s too hot to stay this hot…in April. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 7.53.12 PM

But yes, it will get hotter. And much, much, much more humid. (I mean at least this is dry heat, ammirite longtimers?) 

However let’s be wise and do the following seven things:

1. Put a mostly-full Kirene bottle of water in the freezer. Give it to a guard, delivery person, talibé boy… A much appreciated gift we can give daily in hot weather. 

2. Buy a ton of fresh produce. Soon much of it will start to disappear as the weather either gets too hot for it to grow or means it suffers from the heat in transport/storage getting to you.  (On the sunny bright side, mangoes!)

3. Get out and sweat! Now is the time to acclimate, not hide. If you don’t get out and used to exercising in the heat now, you will either a) not do it until December, b) die trying mid-hot season.

4. Make ice. All kinds. Stock up ice cubes for drinks. Get some fresh fruit popsicles going.  Freez fruit for smoothies. Freeze water bottles for (I kid you not) putting in the bath water when it gets too hot to bathe in.

5. Go to the market. Whatever market you’ve been meaning to explore or get to in order buy one more of X, do it now. For the next few months, just the idea of going outside will drain you. Do. It. Now.

6. Be aware that with heat comes spoiled chicken, wilted veggies, fewer fruit choices, miserable beach days, warm pools, grumpy moods and short tempers… Then get over it. It’s a season. It passes.

7. Find a coconut vendor near you. Become his BFF. (Then convince him to deliver to me. Seriously. Someone needs to launch coconut delivery in Dakar. Minimum order 10 coconuts? Sure, I’m in.)

8. Wear {insert spring / autumn clothing here} one last time before hot misery begins fo’ real. And while you’re at it, go ahead and swap out your cool season clothes for hot season stuff now. Nothing worse than touching warm clothing in hot season. (shudder)

8. Read this post on surviving hot season and enjoy every last day before it (really) hits!

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