My obsession with fresh coconuts is well documented.

Most of the vendors are young guys who have come from Guinea so your Wolof skills will only get you so far. Better luck with French. Or charades. The good news is that there are only two basic questions to answer: do you want a 400 CFA or 500 CFA coconut? With meat to eat, or just coconut water?

One of the vendors I go to most often parks his pushcart on the Corniche, a strategic location where thirsty runners and athletes pass by.

He told me he buys the coconuts for 100-150 CFA each from the Casamance or Joal, but by the time you add the transportation fees (by pirogue canoe, truck or both) he’s invested 300 CFA (around 50 cents) in each coconut.

On an average day, which starts at 10am and ends well after sundown, he will sell 50-80 coconuts. On a really good day he will sell 100.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.57.54 PM

Tip: BYO straw. Although the young gents will kindly offer you a straw from a plastic package, some of the straws may have been previously used. #ecofriendly

Drink up, everyone. And stock up. Once trimmed (but unopened), coconuts can be refrigerated for about five days and still taste divine.

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