International Christian Fellowship, Precious Gift, Hopital Principal and Chez Fatou invite you to donate blood to help replenish desperately low banks during Ramadan, a time when many are fasting and cannot give blood. 10 minutes to save a life… plus every donor at our June 3rd blood drive will walk out with a gift from our lovely host, Chez Fatou restaurant in Almadies: a coupon to buy one item, get one free!

I know. I know. You’re all like, “10 minutes, suuure…” But ladies and gentlemen, Precious Gift showed us at the Dakar Farmer’s Market blood drive that they are efficient and professional. So yes, in and out, on with your Saturday morning plans on June 3rd. We’ll be waiting for you at Chez Fatou from 9am to 1pm. And yes, there will be snacks. 😉

Now there are also some of you that are a bit squeamish about giving blood… in Senegal. I get it. So I have asked a few trusted friends who have given blood here in Dakar for their thoughts.


“At our blood drive at the last market, we collected 64 bags of blood and all went smoothly. Precious Gift was very organized and conscientious about sanitation.”
– Caamo Kane, Dakar Farmers Market organizer

“I have given blood here for over ten years at the blood bank (Centre National de Transfusion Sanguine) in Point E, and have always been impressed. While it is not exactly like a blood donation unit in the US, they do follow strict protocols. They are professionals, and use sterile technique and sterile, single-use donation kits.”
– Bill Bosley

“Having previously donated in the UK, I found the pre-donation screening questionnaire less thorough with regard to risk factors for blood bourne viruses, but they did check I was in good health. Donated blood is such a precious and scarce resource here: many women die from haemorrage in childbirth each year and some of those lives could be saved if there was more blood available, so please take the time to give.”
– Dr. Helen Curry

“The needles and bags were all pulled from new disposable containers. The process for testing the blood for Type and disease was explained. We were asked about medications we were taking. They wanted it to have been a month since I had taken any antibiotics.”
– Michelle Spannagel

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Who can give blood?
Anyone between the ages of 18-60 years old with no restrictions on gender, race, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

What are the qualifications for being a blood donor?
Be between ages 18-60 years old.
Weigh more than 50 kgs. (Um, check!)
Not be fasting.
Not have cancer, hemophilia, sexually transmitted disease, hepatitis or sickle cell anemia.
Not be pregnant.
Not be anemic.
Not have had unprotected sexual relations.
Not be under the influence of drugs.

In order to give blood, you must wait three months since the last donation for men and four months for women; nine months after giving birth, six months after a major surgery.

If you are not able to give blood in other countries, you may still be able to donate here. Just message me or Precious Gift to find out.