I’ve been meaning to check out Recuplast, this amazing company that collects plastic in Dakar (amazingly, they manage to find some – ha!) and repurposes it into affordable household items. It’s a brilliant concept, and much needed in our wonderful city.

This morning I visited their offices on the VDN and got the full scoop from the very lovely Mademoiselle Ba. I’ve condensed down all my oohing and aahing to 5 things you should know about Recuplast.

1. All their items are made from recycled plastic. Period.

2. They have plastic collection sites around Dakar and you can find the one nearest you here. Or you can request that they come pick up at your home, school or business.

3. You can buy their products at these collection sites, but probably best to call first to be sure they are set up and ready. 🙂 Or do like I did and go to their offices on the VDN, right next to the big Hyundai building and across from Good Rade hotel. It’s in the same building as Restaurant la VDN, 4th floor. Tel: 33 827 00 47.

4. You can also place orders for their products online or by phone and they can deliver to you! Many color choices and sizes available.

5. For a full listing of their products, check out their Facebook page. But a few items I’d like to highlight

  • Table with 4 stools, 60 000 CFA. (Or stools at 10 000 CFA each.)
  • 100 plastic trash bags, 10 000 CFA or 15 000 CFA depending on thickness. These are BIG, sturdy trash bags. The thicker ones reminded me of the yard refuse bags in the US. I bought the thinner ones (although still very sturdy!) for our household trash.
  • 50-liter trash bins with lid, 6000 CFA.
  • Outdoor chair, 4500 CFA.
  • Wash basins in 5 sizes ranging from ‘load of laundry’ to ‘kitchen compost’. The whole set is 7500 CFA.
  • ‘Teapots’ for washing, 700 CFA or 500 CFA.

Check out their Facebook page for more details, or visit their website.