after being away this summer.

– The look of hot season. Not the feel, mind you. But the bright blue sky on the brilliant blue ocean are colors I miss.


Marie’s freshly baked English muffins with her Casamance honey and some of Veronique’s all-peanut butter.

Wax print clothes.

– Mid-week lunches on the Petite Corniche and play-dates with our friends. (Note this list is not in order as my eyes are getting misty here…)

– Hearing the gendarme birds in the morning.

Shady Shack hummus and his amazing Sunday lunches to-go.

– Our church, a loving mish-mash of people from all around the world who happen to be in Dakar and have chosen to come together to encounter God and bless others.

– Cranking out designs and new ideas with Kayoong Community. Even if at times I feel like another trip to buy fabric at HLM market may kill me…

Routine. Despite its interruptions (like power cuts and water shortages), having our routine in Dakar makes life work for me.

Not surprisingly, these all fall under ‘feeling at home and part of a community’. If you’ve recently arrived in Dakar and haven’t reached these warm, fuzzy feelings (although you probably have achieved warm and sticky…), hang in there. Dakar is a busy intersection of people coming and going and you’ll find your rhythm soon.