Hush, sweaty boy, don’t say a word.
Maman’s gonna buy you a frozen bissap,

And if that frozen bissap melts,
Maman’s gonna dunk you in a bucket bath,

And if that bucket bath spills
Maman’s gonna turn on the air conditioner.

And if that air conditioner gets broke,
Maman’s gonna call the repairman again.

And if that repairman only comes ‘inchalla’,
Maman’s gonna buy you a Shady Shack slushie.

And if that Shady Shack slushie melts,
Maman’s gonna buy you an Evernal fan,

And if that Evernal fan won’t spin,
Maman’s gonna take you to overcrowded, warm pool.

And if that overcrowded, warm pool doesn’t cool you off,
You’ll still be the sweatiest little boy in town.