1. Hot water from the “cold” tap.

2. Realizing that all of your clothes actually touch you. Way too much.

3. Ice water as a meal because you just can’t bring yourself to make or eat anything.

4. Shin sweats. (credit: M. EM)

5. Ice cubes that melt into your drink before you can even get to the terrace to enjoy it.

6. Air Conditioning Remnants. You know, the cooler tile floors and slightly lower humidity that lingers in a room that had AC running in it.

7. On that note… State Department Envy. SDE is a real and serious problem that sometimes requires deep breaths to overcome.

8. Food poisoning. (This may help.)

9. Pools warmer than bath water. Blech.

10. Counting down to the end! Which I have officially predicted will be November 10th. Mark your calendars, sweaty people.