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No intro needed. Let’s dive right in to my list of 50 gifts in Dakar that I have either loved receiving or would love to receive!

  1. Silver bangle bracelets from My African Heart Jewelry in Ngor
  2. Wax & leather handbag from Anne Calfo in Mamelles
  3. Bogolan & leather poncho from Kakinbow
  4. Juju hat from Ibrahim
  5. Fulani earrings from My African Heart Jewelry in Ngor
  6. Chaya pants from Khaira Fall Creation in HLM 5
  7. Wax print footstool from Atmosphère in Almadies. Plus their Christmas market is about to start!
  8. Handmade rug made from 20 meters of wax print by Kayoong, available at Atmosphere, Cocktail du Senegal, Minibap (both locations) and Caravane by ERC
  9. Recuplast recycled plastic stool, at Minibap
  10. Gift certificate to Mylene at Salon Annour in Fenetre Mermoz. Hair cuts, deep-conditioning treatments, manicures, pedicures and more…
  11. Wooden tray from Raised in Africa made by high school students at Dakar Academy.
  12. Learning to See” by Gary Engelberg
  13. Candles from Daakan
  14. Yoga class gift certificates from 3 Elements with Daniela
  15. Sous-verre tray from Atmosphère (particularly love the one of couples or women with amazing headscarves)
  16. Verre Beldi glassware from Minibap
  17. Soft leather handbag from Bags by Lucy
  18. Wax print duffle bag from PochOp
  19. Surf lessons from Ecole Surf Attitude
  20. All-natural surf sun block, made from zinc + cacao. Available at Soraya’s salon, Mia Secrets in Mamelles
  21. Fairy ring with sparkling gemstones by My African Heart Jewelry
  22. Pottery made by deaf students at Colombin center in Ouakam
  23. PJs by Ayo Nene, available at Minibap
  24. So Long a Letter” by Mariama Ba
  25. Huge, gorgeous solid wood pepper grinder by Malika Monkeys
  26. Take Off Ngor hat. 15,000 CFA. Tel: 77 647 5162
  27. Kayoong baskets, handmade from wax print fabric, available at Minibap locations, Caravane by ERC, Atmosphere, La Cabane du Pecheur, Melo Patisserie, Cocktail du Senegal and Poprox Café.
  28. Batik block shirt by Kakinbow
  29. Zulu shield from Ibrahim
  30. Kayoong handbags (sold out!)
  31. Wood & leather jewelry by Frederike, available at Minibap
  32. Bogolanfini cloth from Yussu Diaby in Almadies. 15,000 CFA per piece. Tel: 70 481 7574
  33. Take Off Ngor t-shirt. 15,000 CFA and they are great quality. Tel: 77 647 5162
  34. Wax print suspenders from Kakinbow
  35. Leather wallet from KEARA in Ngor Virage.
  36. ^ Their mini leather wallet! So practical and pretty.
  37. Wax print espadrilles from Anne Calfo
  38. Gift certificate to Mia Secrets, chez Soraya. Any amount!
  39. ‘Trees of Senegal’ greeting card set, by Fidelium / K. Martin
  40. The Belly of the Atlantic” by Fatou Diome
  41. Pre-tied headwraps from Origin’elle, available at Salon Annour, 10,000 CFA.

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  1. First, the stocking! Imadi makes gorgeous stocking at just 4000 CFA. Made to order so contact Fatou ASAP!
  2. Mon Choco bars from Minibap
  3. Raised in Africa wooden ornament
  4. Baobab oil from Huile de Baobab BCS, 2000 CFA.
  5. Snake skin bangle bracelets from Soumbedioune market
  6. Take Off Ngor bumper sticker, just 1500 CFA. Tel: 77 647 5162
  7. Dried mango packets from Casino, 690 CFA.
  8. Warrior mug from Kayoong at Melo Pâtisserie, 5000 CFA and 80% goes to scholarship fund for orphans and children of widows. #kayoongcommunity
  9. Bounty bars (my weakness!)
  10. Fresh coconut… because how awesome is that for a Christmas stocking!

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