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  1. Malika Monkeys carved hardwood pen sets
  2. Suuf Si linen shirts at Keur Marie Ganaar in Ouakam
  3. Senegal soccer jerseys from Sandaga Market
  4. Painted coffee sets, espresso cups or beer glasses at Cocktail du Senegal on rue Moussé Diop
  5. Leather wallet from KEARA in Ngor
  6. Cufflinks from My African Heart Jewelry in Ngor
  7. Wax print bowtie from Kakinbow
  8. Tailor-made suit by Seydou Diallo. Tel: 776516566
  9. Dinner for two at La Parilla, the Argentinian #steak restaurant
  10. Dinner for two at the Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant in Fann Hock
  11. Take off Ngor hat. 15,000 CFA. Tel: 77 647 5162
  12. Hardwood gardien’s chair. Bamba Cissé in Fenetre Mermoz is great. Tel: 774613084
  13. Malika Monkeys hardwood desk clocks
  14. Wax print suspenders from Kakinbow
  15. Malian Dogon door from Ibrahim. Tel: 771748807 (WhatsApp, English or French)
  16. Surf lessons from Ecole Surf Attitude
  17. Chess set from Soumbedioune artisan village
  18. Attaya set, complete with grill, charcoal, teapot and glasses. Oh, and tea!
  19. Fishing trip with Atlantic Evasion. Even better when you organize for a group of his friends to all go together!
  20. Batik print T-shirt from Kakinbow
  21. Raised in Africa wall clock
  22. Tall silver ring from My African Heart Jewelry 
  23. Nina Ceramics espresso cups, available at Minibap + coffee from Café Layal Torrefaction in Plateau.
  24. KEARA leather briefcase
  25. Masyrah Gourmandises marinades for the grill, available ay Caravane by ERC
  26. Grill tools by Malika Monkeys
  27. Leather bracelet by My African Heart Jewelry
  28. KEARA messenger bag
  29. Leather & bogolan bomber jacket by Kakinbow
  30. Moroccan babouche slippers from downtown next to Ali Baba
  31. Cologne from that guy who walks along the beach. (I hear there’s a solde today!) Or you could go to Grain de Beauté Dakar.
  32. Take Off Ngor t-shirt. 15,000 CFA and they are great quality. Tel: 77 647 5162
  33. Camel leather ‘treasure chest’ from Soumbedioune artisan village
  34. The best haircut of his life. An appointment with barber-stylist Gelisa George.
  35. Heavy silver name bracelet from My African Heart Jewelry 
  36. Kayoong basket filled with Senegal’s best beers… that is to say, an empty Kayoong basket. 😉
  37. Wooden pirogue from Soumbedioune artisan market with his name painted on it
  38. Giant Bamileke end table or coffee table from Ibrahim. Tel: 771748807 (WhatsApp, English or French)
  39. Wax print gym bag from PochOp
  40. Private boxing lessons with Idy Camara
  41. Wax print necktie from Kakinbow
  42. 10-session ‘carnet’ to Club Olympic
  43. Carapiles!
  44. Leather desk top from KEARA
  45. Liqueur de Warang
  46. Ceramic coffee cup from Lulu Café + coffee from Cor Coumba Torrefaction in Point E.
  47. Zulu shield from Ibrahim. Tel: 771748807 (WhatsApp, English or French)
  48. Boxing lessons & sparring at Keur of Champions
  49. Camel leather dagger or sword form Soumbedioune artisan market.
  50. Launching just after Christmas but still worth mentioning… FIRO, clothes in color for men, will be opening soon in Dakar! Casual shirts & shorts made from eco-friendly leftover cotton, to be worn separately or as sets. Beachy BBQ meets Dakar.

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