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A collaboration of ideas between MINITECTURE (#letthemplay) and Senegal Daily.

1. Go for a horse cart ride around the neighborhood, singing Christmas carols as you go. Atcha!
2. Make Christmas cookies. (Or order them from Simone Café or Poprox!)
3. Take a magical visit to the Atmosphère Christmas Market in Almadies. It’s the most beautiful, Christmassy spot in Dakar.
4. Go to the children’s Nativity program at the International Christian Fellowship on the morning of December 16th.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.34.15 PM

5. Make a donation (money, clothing, food…) to a charity.
6. Decorate a palm tree or bougainvillea with Christmas balls!
7. Order wax print stockings from Imadi for 4000 CFA. Bonus: get names embroidered on them.
8. Shop FIDAK, the international fair.
9. Take the children to a story-telling evening at Ker ImaginationKer Imagination in Yoff.
10. Listen to a Christmas choir, or go to a Gospel Night at La Calebasse.
11. Decorate mini-calabasse to make ornaments.
12. Make a batch of wassail and drink up!

My Mom’s Wassail Recipe

Mix and heat in a large pot. Let simmer at least one hour before serving. This is delicious – We drink it by the gallon. Well, by the liter now that we live in Dakar. 😉

8 parts apple juice
4 parts pineapple juice
2 parts oj
1 part lemon juice
cinnamon sticks
whole cloves
sugar to taste

13. Make the most of our international community in Dakar! Learn about Christmas traditions in another culture or country, then try incorporating them into your own celebrations.
14. Clean a beach.
15. Go to the Dakar Farmers Market on Saturday, December 8th.
16. Buy red wax print fabric for a quick DIY tablecloth!
17. Plan a gift exchange among friends. Do it at a seaside restaurant to make the most of this amazing weather!
18. Make salt dough and shape it into ornaments.
19. Drive downtown to see the lights.

20. Put together gift baskets for your children’s teachers.
21. Simmer up some vin chaud, or mulled Christmas bissap!
22. Collect sea glass from the beach and make a Christmas mosaic.
23. Homemade potpourri!
24. Make and share a batch of Chex Mix Dakarois.
25. Buy a Nativity scene from Senegal. Cocktail du Senegal has a good selection.