1. The entire BantaWax collection, but let’s start with the basic building blocks.
  2. ZebraDesign Mini collection of wall animals. The pink flamingo is my favorite!
  3. Kayoong mini-baskets, available at Cocktail du Senegal and Caravane by ERC.
  4. Minitecture teepee (this one is pretty fun for adults too!)
  5. Malika Monkeys djembé
  6. Wax print superhero cape & mask by Khady Couture
  7. Kayoong small handbag, perfect for little hands!
  8. Aluminum cooking set, including the little fuurno, pots, lids and spoons
  9. Car rapide print from Minitecture, framed to be colored again and again with whiteboard markers!
  10. Girls’ dresses & rompers from BAPRIBAP
  11. Composters! Available in two sizes and made locally, these barrels are a great way for the whole family to get involved in making healthy compost.
  12. Boys’ outfits from BAPRIBAP
  13. A children’s book that begins and ends in Dakar.
  14. BantaWax puzzles for toddlers
  15. Balafon or mini-kora, available at artisan markets
  16. Alyfa, Inc‘s big Africa puzzle
  17. Mosaic classes with Sophie
  18. Carapiles! The world’s only remote-controlled car rapide.
  19. Senegal soccer jersey + shorts
  20. Wax print aprons by Khady Couture
  21. ZebraDesign Mini wax print armchair for little ones
  22. Poch’OP kids’ duffle bag
  23. Aerial or yogastics classes at 3 elements yoga in Almadies.
  24. Minitecture playmat in denim & wax. Easy for play, easy for clean-up!
  25. Awalé (mancala) board & stonegame, available at artisan markets.
  26. Alyfa, Inc.’s beautiful baby dolls with wax print dresses
  27. BantaWax wooden sword & shield set
  28. Small wooden pirogue with their name painted on it, available at artisan markets
  29. Giant tub of Nutella.
  30. Wood & rubber slingshot, available at artisan markets. #lizardsbeware
  31. ZebraDesign Mini wax print ‘lovies’ or ‘doudou’, depending on your language preference. 🙂
  32. Recycled plastic stools by Recuplast
  33. Pottery classes at Colombin Poterie
  34. Personalized car rapide style trunk, available in two sizes at Minibap
  35. Minitecture bunting in wax prints, perfect for decorating a kids’ bedroom.
    Kids’ woven chairs by Isaka
  36. Water bottle/thermos holder with shoulder strap, in wax print and by PochOP.
  37. Herb garden or succulent garden – get those green thumbs started young!
  38. Surf lessons with Ecole Surf Attitude!
  39. Kids’ books at Chez Alpha Books, including the Young Readers Version of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Sunuy Xale and more.
  40. Wax print trimmed nightcap (aka, ‘sleep hat’) by Khady Couture
  41. Wooden piggy bank for saving all their CFA, available at artisan markets.
  42. Wax print bermuda shorts for kids, available at Caravane by ERC.
  43. Diami’s Thieboudienne for lunch every day. Or is it just my kids who want that? 😀
  44. ZebraDesign Mini riding animals, in wax print of course.
  45. Beach towel with wax print that rolls up and ties neatly, by PochOP.
  46. A glue gun and glue sticks, available at Orca. Then go collect sea glass at the Divinity beach and make all kinds of beautiful creations together.
  47. Super soft travel neck pillows with wax print, by Atmosphere Decoration.
  48. Wax print bathrobe and slippers, available at Cocktail du Senegal.
  49. Small car rapide with their name painted on it, available at artisan markets.
  50. Share of a surgery on Mercy Ships.