Fresh coconuts abound on pushcarts around town. But I’d like to see someone get into the coconut delivery business. “Hello? Four coconuts nan mandi for Almadies, please.”

Me learning and using more Wolof.

A locally grown fruit-of-the-month subscription.

For my seatbelt initiative to keep gaining momentum. (You haven’t heard? #anaceinturebi Tipping taxi drivers an extra 500 CFA above the waxale-d rate if they have functioning seatbelts.)

A Kayoong rug in every home! Okay fine. I’ll settle for just a basket in every living room.

The return of Fanta Cocktail. Please.

Continued solidarity (not ‘tolerance’) among religions. It is a privilege to be invited to share in Muslim celebrations and also to be welcomed to share our Christian celebrations with our neighbors. Senegal really sets the standard for hospitality in this way.

Fritos Scoops available on a regular basis.

Improved recycling options. Ciprovis and Recuplast are launching great initiatives. Keep it up. And bring more!

A monthly artisan market, like a cross between the Dakar Farmers Market and the various Christmas markets.

Whole wheat flour in grocery stores. Come on. It can be ground locally! Why is it not on the shelves?

A grassy, green park in Dakar. Somewhere. Anywhere. Open to the public.

Enforced laws on plastic bags, construction permits and the big one… talibé protection.

A library stocked with French and English books for adults and children, story hour, AC, wifi, coffee shop… #dreambig

Fish tacos and an ocean view.

Fixed-price day at HLM market. (Okay, now I’m really dreaming.)

Runner-friendly paths. No massive holes or gaps, no car exhaust or zooming buses… Maybe even a water fountain somewhere along the way.

More trees planted on the Great Green Wall of the Sahel. More trees planted along the Corniche. More mangroves buds planted in the Casamance.

Beer-Sheba beef, pork, chickens and sausages available in Dakar grocery stores and/or home delivery. I’d settle for just the sausages. And the beef.

Online ordering for Marché Sandaga and Marché Soumbedioune. 😂

PS. On my list last year was the opening of Dakar Academy West – which actually happened! And on time with a full and fully qualified staff too. So all things are possible.