Harmattan Dust accumulated on my bookshelf in 24 hours. With all doors and windows closed.

Every morning we wake up to a new view of the Sahel Desert from in our apartment. The Harmattan winds blow the sand in grain by grain and January is peak ‘dust season’. Even my weather app just says DUST for every day’s forecast. Well, some days it says WIDESPREAD DUST.  But don’t worry, I’ve compiled….

Harmattan activities: fun for the whole family!

1. Make dust angels on the living room floor.

2. Write declarations of your undying love to your in the dust on your countertops. Bonus points for using a wet finger to make muddy ink.

3. Let the kiddos watch unlimited David Attenborough nature documentaries. I’ll even make popcorn, because I’m just that nice.

4. It’s all about the Ninjas, baby. If you must get the kids outside to play for a bit, it will be in a ninja costume so that your nose and mouth are covered.

5. Place bets on which room has the most dust on the floor. Sweep each one, then compare. Winner gets a clean house. For half an hour until more dust blows in.

6. Redecorate your home in sandy hues. This requires no activity on your part whatsoever.

7. Do a little Harmattan workout.

8. Bathing before bed is not optional. But kids can choose from a bath, shower or bucket bath.

9. Write ‘wash me’ on the dishes that have been sitting by the sink since morning.

10. Be thankful every day that it’s Harmattan and not hot season. Dust washes off. Sweat… well, sweat washes off too. But I’d rather be dusty and wearing a hoodie while sipping my steaming café au lait.

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