When we lived in France, I worked in an office with British colleagues. I learned quite a few things, not the least of which included these language differences:

  1. When your boss asks you for a ‘rubber’ in the middle of an editorial meeting, she means what I as an American would call an ‘eraser’.
  2. In America we say someone is ‘artsy fartsy’ but in the UK they are ‘arty farty’.

Now here’s something I learned five years ago here in Dakar: the DWG Art Show is not at all artsy fartsy, nor arty farty. It’s just plain awesome.Our family loves the DWG Art Show, and we have been anxiously awaiting the opening after seeing the sneak preview photos they’ve been posting on the DWG Facebook page. (Aren’t communications people just the best?)


All of the pieces in the show are for sale and the prices are actually very reasonable, with a portion going to DWG charities! Don’t miss the selection of square canvases by each of the featured artists that are 25,000cfa each. Also new this year is a wall featuring new talent.

So whether you consider yourself to be ‘into art’ or not, I definitely recommend you check it out, open daily from March 27th-30th from 10:30am to 6:30pm. Great for date night with your sweetheart (as we do each year), after grabbing coffee with a friend, a field trip with the munchkins…

The 18th edition of the DWG Art Show is held the Place du Souvenir Africain, next door to Sea Plaza. Over 60 artists are represented this year, including painters, sculptors, and photographers, some of Senegal’s best-known artists, as well as new and young talents. Admission is free and all profits from sales go to local charities.


The first DWG art exhibit was over 25 years ago, in the home of a member whose name is now lost somewhere in the dusty records of Dakar Women’s Group. From these modest beginnings, with only a handful of artists, the DWG Art Show has evolved to become one of the largest privately-held art events in Dakar.