Mark your calendar. Have Siri remind you. Put a Post-it note on your kitchen wall:

The DWG Art Show 2020 launches online on Thursday, April 30th at 8pm. (It’s curfew, so you’d better be home and ready at your screen!) You don’t want to miss the opening event, the Squares, all original works on 20cm x 20 cm canvases which are a DWG Art Show tradition.

The 2020 Squares

Through the years, artists generously share their talents and donated small works with their interpretation of a theme. Usually the Squares are exhibited together on a dedicated wall in the DWG Art Show gallery, and sell fast! They sell for 25,000 CFA each, and thanks to the generosity of the artists, all of these revenues from them go directly to support DWG’s charitable activities. 

Knowing how popular the Squares are, last year they shifted from a first come-first sold basis, to a lottery: anyone who is interested in a Square can sign up for it and from the list of interested people, the “winner” is selected randomly. This year, they will be doing this via Facebook comments. Just write “I want to buy this square,” in the comments. This will be from 8 pm on April 30th – until 7.59 pm on May 1st.

Once the 24-hour period is over, DWG art team will begin lottery of who wins square by using random number generator app. If you win a square, you will receive a personal message on how to pay for square and where to pick up square.

As you know, the DWG Art Show is (one of my favorite events of the year and) an annual fundraising event, one of several fundraisers that Dakar Women’s Group holds to support community organizations. Last year, the Art Show raised more than 7.8 million CFA ($13,000 USD/11,700 euros).

For this year, the 18th edition, they reviewed dossiers from more than 120 artists to select the 60 artists that are exhibiting, and over 400 pieces of their artwork. 

In March, just one week before they were due to start installing the show at the Place du Souvenir, COVID-19 arrived in Senegal and the public health measures that we all know are so important were announced!  These stopped all public gatherings, as well as closing schools and other important events. There was no question that the measures needed to be fully respected, for the sake of everyone’s health, but the DWG did not want to cancel the Art Show. 

Their team already had all the artwork and their team of ‘artist angels’ had come to know the artists so well. So they took a leap and decided to take the Show on the road online. This meant a shift to online meetings, more WhatsApp chats than you can imagine, lots of updates and messages to the artists, creating an image library and building a website.

You should know that the website is beautiful, too. It has the Squares, a gallery of the 60 artists work, and then a dedicated sales page for each artist. It will be launching publicly tomorrow… stay tuned—and keep your mittens off the Squares that I want. 😉

DWG Art Show website

Facebook: DWG Art Show 2020

Instagram: DWG Art Show