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8 favorite games for kids in Dakar

Chicken, Chicken, Goat

The object of this game is to walk in a circle, tapping on each child’s head until one is finally chosen to be the new picker. Maa!

Gendarmes and Voleurs

A game of tag in which the gendarmes, who are in pursuit of the voleurs (the team being chased), arrest the voleurs by tagging and putting them in Reubeuss jail. Voleurs can stage a jailbreak by tagging one of the prisoners without getting tagged themselves.

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SUP with Surfers Paradise


I’m not what you’d call ‘sporty’ or ‘athletic’. Some people mistakenly think I am because I’m a runner, but they don’t realize how often I fall. As far as competitive sports or anything too crazy-adventurous, I’m perfectly happy to sit and observe. Really. (So I was not exactly crushed to find out the Jungle Run was cancelled for this year. Shucks.)


However, I have found my perfect outdoorsy water sporty thing: stand-up paddle boarding. SUP. Continue reading “SUP with Surfers Paradise”

It’s 2017, and my Wolof is still bad. 

After celebrating the end of 2016 in true-to-ourselves fashion by going to bed early, I got up yesterday morning and went for my usual run.

As I passed our friend who lives (literally) on the street, he waved me over so I stopped to say hi.  We exchanged greetings, Happy New Year wishes, I asked why there was a dead sheep in the road, he said he didn’t know…

50cfa, about 10 cents

As I got ready to take off, he reached out and placed a 50cfa coin in my hand and asked me to take it up the street to the peul up the road. (Or at least that’s what I thought he said, seeing as he is missing quite a few teeth. A peul is a person from the Fulbe ethnic group.)

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17 things I’d like to see in Dakar in 2017


Fresh coconuts abound on pushcarts around town. But I’d like to see someone get into the coconut delivery business. “Hello? Four coconuts nan mandi for Mermoz, please.”

More (fun!) businesses coming into that little section of Point E that Minibap, CityDia, La Boucherie Nouvelle and Auchan have claimed.

A monthly artisan market, like a cross between the Dakar Farmers Market and the various Christmas markets.

Me learning and using more Wolof. Continue reading “17 things I’d like to see in Dakar in 2017”

Harmattan activities: fun for the whole family!

Dust accumulated on my bookshelf in 24 hours. With all doors and windows closed.

Every morning we wake up to a new view of the Sahel Desert from in our apartment. The Harmattan winds blow the sand in grain by grain and January is peak ‘dust season’. Even my weather app just says DUST for every day’s forecast. Well, some days it says WIDESPREAD DUST.  But don’t worry, I’ve compiled….

Harmattan activities: fun for the whole family!

1. Make dust angels on the living room floor.

2. Write declarations of your undying love to your in the dust on your countertops. Bonus points for using a wet finger to make muddy ink.

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10 ideas for stocking stuffers in Dakar

– Chocolate-filled Biskrem cookies from the buutik

Huile de Baobab Bio for skin, nails and hair. Amazing stuff. Available at most pharmacies and Christmas markets.

– Roasted cashews or sugared peanuts

– Knock-off cologne/perfume. (I know. The guy you buy from sells only real stuff. But look hard and you’ll find someone selling the fakes.) Continue reading “10 ideas for stocking stuffers in Dakar”


Shopping the Foire International de Dakar (FIDAK)


Let’s start at the beginning… What is FIDAK? It’s the annual Foire International de Dakar, a giant trade fair and market with goods from around the globe. And you should go. Continue reading “Shopping the Foire International de Dakar (FIDAK)”

Fight Club with Idy

Idy Camara, photo by Bruno Col

I’m not talking about Fight Club. I’m writing about Idy Camara and his various ‘fighting lessons’ that he offers in Dakar.

Idy is a heavy-weight kickboxer from the Mermoz club ‘Police’ who trains and coaches kickboxing and boxing and teaches self-defense classes to individuals and small groups. And just in case you think you’re in shape because you run, I can assure you that the boxing is an intense cardio workout! #somuchsweat But it can be fun for the whole family! 😉

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